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grist mill truck

Walking through Yellowleaf Creek Mill truly is like taking a step back in time.  The 165 year old grist mill was once the hub of the community.

The former Shannon Mill, also previously known as Miller Mill, produced up to 4,500 pounds of corn meal, flour or grits each day to be sold in 200 area stores across seven counties.

Today the historic mill is only one of a few still standing across the state, and the only water power milled in Alabama.

Sometime in 1934, a large flood swelled Yellowleaf Creek and destroyed the grist mill.  It was promptly rebuilt and production quickly resumed.

In 2014, Birmingham businessman, David Brogdon purchased the property to use as an event venue.  It took just four months to lovingly restore and renovate the mill to it’s current state.  Chris Reebals from Christopher Architects in Birmingham oversaw the design of the renovation, while workers from the community showed up in droves to play a role in bringing the beloved property back to life.

The new design brings all of the comforts of the 21st century, including a gourmet kitchen and a state of the art projector and screen for corporate retreats.   Still, Brogdon wanted to ensure the authenticity of the original mill remained intact.  The mill still contains a lot of the original equipment that dates back to before the Civil War.  Incredibly, it’s still operational.

Enchanting, inspiring, historic, Yellowleaf Creek Mill is ready for the next 160 years as an event venue like no other.

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